Real Estate Mobile IDX

I always loved in “Star Trek” when the captain pauses and says “ENGAGE”. It meant one thing: Lets move forward, get going. THAT WAY!

Marketing today is not at the other end of “THAT WAY”. It is “ALONG THE WAY!” And the power of engagement is more important than ever before. With the internet moving into the speeding world of mobile smart phones and tablets, as a real estate agent you need to reach potential buyers and sellers along the way, while they seek information. They have “Engaged” and are seeking information on the go.

It is estimated that in the very near future, mobile search will outperform desktop by as much as 8 to 1. This opens up tremendous opportunity for those agents who want to take the lead in targeting their markets both on the desktop and mobile. Delivering a quick, thought-out format that is tailored to each device for the smoothest and best display and performance. This can be accomplished without the need for developing separate applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices and until recently, this was only available through expensive native application design.

Why Mobile Web? First of all, let me ask you a question. Do you like downloading applications? Especially for something such as real estate where you may not want to be locked into a particular broker or company? Most people when asked this question say no. And immediately. Having a mobile site allows you to reach buyers without forcing them to download an application. YES, if designed properly, you can still have required registration for results, details etc. But this is not the same as forcing an application download.

What should your REAL ESTATE MOBILE website feature? Here is a list of 7 things that need to be part of your site:

1) Quick Search (a simple basic search tool. Not advanced as it is to complicated on a mobile device).

2) Target Area Links (These are predefined searches that link to result listings and can include: Areas, Neighborhoods, Amenities, Type of Communities, etc.)

3) Office location(s) All locations if you are a broker with multiple locations.

4) Full integrated IDX tools. Mainly search results and property details. Remember, the idea is to get the mobile user to click the call or email button.

5) A smooth navigational structure featuring the target areas.

6) MOST IMPORTANT “CALL NOW” and “EMAIL Us” buttons.

7) Back buttons.

You will notice that I stress “most important” on the “CALL US” and”Email Us” buttons. Statistics show that as mush as 63% of those who search from a mobile device click on the CALL or EMAIL button. Mobile users are on the go and react quickly with “action” if they see something they want more information on.

With the right design and management, you can basically build out a powerful IDX based mobile website that is universally reaches customers on all devices including iPhone, iPAD, Android, Windows Phone, Google Phone, ZOOM Tablet, etc.

You need to ENGAGE your potential buyers while they are moving and this task is accomplished by having a Branded mobile website with full real estate search and save features. Look into it and leave competi

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